John Powell

John comes from a Military family-he and both of his Parents served our Country proudly. John brings the same kind of drive and commitment he made to the Military to finding the right forever homes for those lucky enough to work with him.

John’s diverse background, not only Military, but Legal (Degreed), Financial Advising/Planning, and of course, Real Estate serve his clients extremely well. His goal, always, is to bring a sense of partnership and personal care to finding the perfect fit for them. He knows that the importance of a home is not only a financial one but an emotional one as well. He can relate to your family's needs- he’s local, and is a devoted husband and family man with two girls and a boy on the way!

Equipped with the best tools in the game and partnered with the #1 company in the world (on the 8z Team), John has a passion for discussing real estate goals with his clients, and he’s waiting to talk with you! Contact him now to begin creating your family’s future!